Thursday, April 14, 2011

my next step in learning to wear charity

At the beginning of the year, we we built a well. The best thing I have ever done. I can't wait to see how it all pans out.

So here we are 4 months later, and another amazing opportunity has come up for us. Jon Thornton, my hero, mentor and brother, has started an amazing idea. We run. We get sponsors and run and the money we raise goes to a need.
Last month Jon and the amazing Kristi ran a half marathon to raise money for Women for Women International's program for women in the eastern Congo. Because of they took their hobby and put it to a good use, women in the Congo, the worst place in the world to be a woman, are now getting resources to help them get educated, a job, and some saving money to help them. How inspiring is that?!

So what can we do next? I have been interested in the organization of Invisible Children for sometime. As I was getting ready for Bay to Breakers, Jon asked, why not run for good with it? Brilliant! So May 15, Jon and I will be running the San Francisco's 100th Bay to Breakers. Our goal is to raise money to send to Invisible Children.

I talk a lot about wanting a better story, for my life and others. The stories coming from these children, are ones that they should have never had to live. So here is chance to better their story, to give them a chance at childhood.

So here is where you can come in...I am in College, meaning I'm poor. So I know asking for money is a rough thing to do, but if you can spare a few dollars awesome! I'm keeping it low, just $1 per kilometer, so B2B is as 12K, so $12.
If money is not an option there are a few other things you can do. Spread the word, help get out what we are trying to do. I'll be posting the Run For Good site soon there you can have more info on what we are doing.
The last thing I am asking, is much more simple. Prayer. Pray for us as we get ready for our run and reaching our goal. Prayer for the Congo and all that is happening there. Prayer for a better story.

I'm really excited about this. I hope you can be too. Please contact me if you have any questions or ideas.

Friday, January 7, 2011

We built a well

6 months ago Scott came to me with this idea, let's build a well so people can have clean water.
Done. It's such a simple solution to help so many people. Brilliant. This is what I want to do.
So we began. Scott used the community he had created with Incognito to create a conversation with them about the project. They were they biggest part of this project, they listened, talked, and contributed in major ways to the project. They spread the word and made others aware of the project. So to them I owe the biggest thank you.

We did it. We built a well. With the contributions of so many people, the Incognito Coffee Community Well will be built in a place that will change the lives of those who get to use it.
We won't find out where it will be for a few months. I cannot wait. I'm so excited about all of this!

So to anybody else who helped with this project, thank you, thank you so much. You have created an amazing story.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I love the San Francisco Giants.

Last night was historical. I will be telling my kids of that night. The San Francisco Giants won the World Series. A outcome I have hoped to see since I was a little girl. I was lucky enough to be able to be IN San Francisco to watch the game. A night I will never forget! So how did I come to love a team this much? Well its not just a team to me, its a passion.

My dad raised me showing me his passion for baseball, and with that the Giants.
So my love of them started early. Will Clark was my favorite player.

But beyond that I developed a love for the game. I was lucky enough to be in Oakland when Nolan Ryan pitched his 6th no hitter. I was 3 so I don't remember much of it but my dad saying "You just witnessed something great, I hope you never forget that"

As I got older my love grew, and I met other people who had the same love for the game and my team. We bonded together and went to games and cheered for our boys of summer.
I have the best memories ever in that beautiful, beautiful stadium. Its one of my favorite places ever because of that.

Win or lose I have always loved the Giants and I always will, for several reasons.
1. They are in San Francisco, my favorite city...ever.
2. They are really the only sports team I care about. Baseball...GIANTS!!!!!!!
3. They gave me my first passion. and with that gave me my first love.
4.This team that was a team of misfits that nobody really thought much of. Yet they rose above that. So above all else, they have inspired me.

So Thank you Giants. And deserve it more than anyone. And to all the fellow fans and friends, thank you for sticking by our boys and Congratulations to you too. You earned this as well. And thank you Dad for sharing with me your passion.

Black and Orange for life.

Monday, October 11, 2010

thank you boys

Giants beat the Braves tonight.
Thank you boys....I needed this win too.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sunny Days

I learned my foundations of life from Sesame Street. Laugh if you like, but really its true.

Always play nice. Being a nice person is my biggest goal in life. Being nice to somebody can get you so much further than being rude. People are drawn towards people who are kind. You can just go much farther in life just by being nice. Its makes all the difference.

Always try your hardest. Things can be tough, things can pile up, and its easy to get bogged down. And trying to keep your chin up in very hard in this situation, but its those around you who push you to do you best. They know what you are capable of and will do whatever it takes to make sure you know that. So when you are doing something, do it for them, cause even if you fail...they will still applaude you for trying your hardest.

It's okay to cry.

Joshua Radin does an amazing version of the Sesame Street theme song...I encourage you to listen to the whole song and remember the times you listed to it as a kid. Have fun.. Sunny Days

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Tonight I was super thankful for Quinn Scott Callender. 1st and formost....he is so freaking cute.
Quinn is sooooooo cute.
Loni and I got to babysit him tonight and get some quality Q time. He is so much fun and so easy to make smile. And his wonderful smile makes everyone around him smile. He is just a happy cute little boy.
Tonight he got to scream at me for a 30 minutes which neither of us enjoyed, he was tired and I wasn't his mommy. But once he finally rested his little eyes we got some quiet time. As I was sitting with sleeping Q in my arms trying to to breath wrong in case it might wake him up, I was super thankful for the peace he had. All he needed to get it was for somebody to hold him tight and tell it everything was going to be ok. Thats it. It gave me hope. I am surrounded by wonderful people who hold me tight and tell me everything is going to be ok. To all of them, my peace is coming, promise. Just stick with me. Thank you for holding me tight.

I told you he was cute.

Monday, September 6, 2010


As I was packing to go back to school, I got sad. I have to leave Jon Deb Eleanor and Emerson (who was being birthed as I type this). They are my family, they truly are.
I am so thankful and blessed to have them in my life.
I'm not really sure how things worked out exactly but I started working for Jon and that led to me staying with Deb while she was preggo with Elle. I somehow bonded with them over a christmas break. They opened their home and hearts to me. I fell in love with Elle more and more each day.
I talked with Jon and found him to be a great mentor, listener and friend. His passion is just amazing. I cannot even describe how it drives him in ways that make a great difference. It makes me strive to find my passion and make a difference. I know I can go to him for anything and he always has my back. He has taken the place in my life as the older brother I can count of at all times. Our constant bantering makes me laugh so much I cry (mostly just from my retarded eye). The way he is a husband and father is a great model for me on what I deserve in my life.
Deb is the sister I have always wanted. She gives the best advice and listens with a open ear. She shares my love of sweets (and frosting) and doesn't judge. I love shopping with her cause she encourages me to try stuff on just to try it on. I love watching all our tv shows together picking who we love and who we hate and can't wait for them to get voted OFF. I have loved helping her get artsy stuff for the house and looking up new ideas. She is easy to talk to and is always willing to help me out. Deb has a beautiful heart. I love her to death and I inspire to be like her in so many ways.
Sonoma and I were instant friends. She is easy to please and super fun. My first memory of her is her breaking into my room and waking me up the first night I stayed with Deb. She sleeps on my bed every night. We are bonded forever. She is my favorite pup.
Eleanor constantly brings me smiles. Hers is so contagious and fun. She is never dull. I have loved being a part of her life as she grows.
Emerson I just met but we are already bonded. I would press on Deb's belly and play tag with her and chatted with Em convincing her to GET OUT hehe. I can't wait to see her grow! I am so excited to be Auntie to two wonderful little girls that brighten my life.
This is my family. I love them with all my heart.
I cannot thank them enough for all they have done for me.
But I will goes.
the words thank you do not even close to being enough for all you have done for me. You have been my confidants, my landlords, my friends, my advisors, and most of my family.
We have laughed, cried, and eaten (lots) together, and I have cherished every minute of it. So thank you for you have done, are doing, and will do for me. I hope I have been able to touch your lives as much as you have mine.
This is my family. I love them with all my heart.