Wednesday, July 21, 2010

creating a better story

I just finished reading Donald Miller's book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. In he talks about life being a blank page and what you do in your life writes the story of your life and who you are. He realized sitting on the couch isn't a story people would want to read.

I read this and realized my story is boring. I'm not doing anything that would make people interested in reading it. Sure I've done some cool things here and there but a whole lot of nothing. What can I do in my life to make my story better? I have been sitting around in school or working at a coffee shop, but nothing somebody would want to read about. I have experienced hurt and pain which has kept me from doing more. My story sits on the couch.

"A good storyteller doesn't just tell a better story, he invites other people into the story with him giving them a better story too." -Donald Miller.
I'm going to build wells. Lots of them. I have started my story. I applied for a job in New York to start my story. Completely changing my life and where it puts me. Starting to do something that I know will make a difference for others and my life. I have never prayed so hard for something as I have for this job. I cannot wait to see what God does for me. Even if I don't get this job...I'm still going to build wells for people. I am going to Africa to meet and photograph these people. I cannot wait. I invited anybody who want to do this, to join. Lets write a story together.

I cannot wait to see what we do and what we accomplish. This is going to be a great story.

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