Thursday, September 2, 2010

Becoming me again.

This summer has sucked. emotionally.
I have been crushed in a way that I cannot even begin to describe. I have hurt in a way that I could never wish upon anyone. I still feel it and am trying understand how to move past it.
It has changed me. It has changed the way I view trust, marriage, people. I has changed how I think about my life and who I am.
The thing I have been noticing the most about what has changed is it has mad me so negative. Thats not me, I'm not a negative person. I never have wished to be. Negativity can destroy somebody. I will not let this happen to me.
So everyday I will find things to be thankful for or that made me smile.
My hope: these will help carry me through the rest of this hurt and help me become me again.

So starting today, here we go.
I am thankful for Eleanor Grace Thornton. She is my favorite person. Today we went on a walk, we colored, we danced, we laughed, she cried, and she gave me hugs and kisses. She loves me no matter what and is always excited to see me. I love her so much. I hate to leave her to go back to school. But I know as soon as I walk in the door for break I will hear "Annie!!!!!" I am thankful for her everyday.

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