Saturday, September 4, 2010

my twin..but blonde

I have been thinking about my dear friend Caiti and I am super thankful for her.
We met at PUC back in the day through well mutual friends. The first think I noticed about Caiti was she was a Giants fan, from southern California. I immediately had the upmost respect for her and thought she was super cool. As time went on I got to know a bit more about Caiti, like we had the same taste in music, she introduced me to indo boards, and she has the best laugh ever. seriously, when she laughs its pure joy. I love it. The funny thing about our friendship is, I always thought Caiti was super awesome, but we never really got to chat and become better friends. Even after she left for Montana I would think "Man Caiti is so cool. I wish we were better friend, we could be best friends." She came back and was down in Loma Linda when I went down for Christmas break. A big group of us got together to go to dinner. Caiti and I finally got to chat and confess how we both thought we could be best friends. ha.
Caiti is so inspiring to me. She has the biggest and loving heart. I love reading her blog as she talks about "'Im so glad I lived today" moments. They drive me to look for the moments in my life that make an impact. She loves to have simple fun. She loves Buster Posey. Who couldn't love Caiti? I am so thankful to have her in my life. She listens to my woes, she laughs with me, she plans with me, and she inspires me to take action, seek God, and constantly show others love.
So Caiti, Thank you. Thank you for being a great friend and a wonderful inspiration. Thank you for being my blonde twin from southern california. I love you girl! WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!!


  1. You are TOO kind!! I love you too Ashley!!!

  2. You are like Lou Seal....not a f"ing harbor seal...but the best!