Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I love the San Francisco Giants.

Last night was historical. I will be telling my kids of that night. The San Francisco Giants won the World Series. A outcome I have hoped to see since I was a little girl. I was lucky enough to be able to be IN San Francisco to watch the game. A night I will never forget! So how did I come to love a team this much? Well its not just a team to me, its a passion.

My dad raised me showing me his passion for baseball, and with that the Giants.
So my love of them started early. Will Clark was my favorite player.

But beyond that I developed a love for the game. I was lucky enough to be in Oakland when Nolan Ryan pitched his 6th no hitter. I was 3 so I don't remember much of it but my dad saying "You just witnessed something great, I hope you never forget that"

As I got older my love grew, and I met other people who had the same love for the game and my team. We bonded together and went to games and cheered for our boys of summer.
I have the best memories ever in that beautiful, beautiful stadium. Its one of my favorite places ever because of that.

Win or lose I have always loved the Giants and I always will, for several reasons.
1. They are in San Francisco, my favorite city...ever.
2. They are really the only sports team I care about. Basketball...eh. Football..eh. Baseball...GIANTS!!!!!!!
3. They gave me my first passion. and with that gave me my first love.
4.This team that was a team of misfits that nobody really thought much of. Yet they rose above that. So above all else, they have inspired me.

So Thank you Giants. And Congratulations...you deserve it more than anyone. And to all the fellow fans and friends, thank you for sticking by our boys and Congratulations to you too. You earned this as well. And thank you Dad for sharing with me your passion.

Black and Orange for life.